The McAtees have a love for Montana and all that it offers.

Rich and Marcey McAtee were both raised in the Flathead Valley with their families both going back several generations in northwest Montana.

​They have two daughters, Zerita and Hope, who also take part in the family business. The entire family has a deep respect and appreciation for their herd of horses and mules, who are cared for like family.

Decades of Backcountry Experience

Rich’s passion for the outdoors has taken him on numerous adventures throughout the Bob Marshall Wilderness. His experiences have given him a vast knowledge of the mountains and a strong desire to share it with others. 

As owners of Montana Wilderness Lodge & Outfitting, it is a perfect fit for the McAtee’s to be involved in sharing with others all the beauty and excitement of the Wilderness.

Come experience the traditional style of transportation through man and mule power.

The Bob Marshall Wilderness does not allow motorized or mechanical equipment within Wilderness boundaries so we take transportation back to its original form. Come see how the art of mule packing has become our way of life. 

Our crew…

Nothing would be possible if we didn’t have the team of hard-working individuals to keep the gears grinding like we do.

From lodge cooks, gear boaters, fishing guides to packers. Come meet the group of individuals that make this operation possible.

Follow this link below to read an article about our crew:

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