Getting to the Lodge

Turn south in Martin City from US Hwy 2.
Martin City is located 9 miles southwest of Glacier National Park, and 8 miles east of Columbia Falls. Head down Central Ave, passing the South Fork Saloon to your left. 

KEEP DRIVING on this road as it turns to gravel.
You will be driving along Hungry Horse Reservoir on the East Side Road, with mile markers the entire way. Stay on this road until you come to the only junction, just past mile marker 51. 

Turn RIGHT after Mile Marker 51.
Take a right at the junction and go down the hill, across the river.

Turn LEFT after the bridge.
Take the first left just after the bridge and drive about a quarter mile, where you will see the Montana Wilderness Lodge sign on your right.

Checking In …

Upon arrival at the Lodge, can expect to be welcomed by our host and guides. After a quick introduction, they will direct you to the cabin so you can get settled in. Take your time and let the scenery sink in while we prepare appetizers and refreshments.

Whether you’re gearing up for an adventure in the back country or at the lodge we are prepared to make your week as comfortable as possible.

Packing Lists

While your trip may be planned out to the last second, remember that you will be in the wilderness and anything can happen.

We strongly recommend using the packing lists we have prepared as guide to ensure nothing is forgotten.

The outdoors can be unpredictable, but the best we can do is try to be ready for the unexpected. 

Local Weather