The Montana Wilderness Lodge was built in 1950 and in 2017 Rich and Marcey McAtee purchased and renovated it while still maintaining the old time feel and integrity.

The cabins, with their rustic charm, provide a comfortable stay while miles from civilization. Each cabin has a bathroom with hot showers, propane lighting and heat.


You will never go hungry with our family style kitchen serving fresh cooked meals. Our staff works hard to provide nutritious meals to give you the energy for your big adventure.


We offer many different lodge fishing experiences, from 3 night/2 day trips to 5 night/day adventures.  

Our Day Floats & wade fishing trips depart from the Lodge so anglers can do what they love most.  Float three different stretches of the South Fork or wade fish the stunningly beautiful Spotted Bear River.

We have 17 miles of the South Fork that we can float fish from our lodge.  We typically break this section of river into 2 separate days of float fishing.  The quality of  flyfishing along this section of river is top shelf.  

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