Best Dry Fly Fishing in the Lower 48

The South Fork of the Flathead is known in the fly fishing world as the mecca for dry-fly cutthroat trout fishing. The river starts in the 1.5 million acre Bob Marshall Wilderness, at the junction of Danaher Creek and Young’s Creek. It runs for 45 miles due north, fed by dozens of small tributaries, where it exits the wilderness near Spotted Bear Ranger Station, and flows into the Hungry Horse Reservoir.

Wilderness Fishing Adventure


This 7 day adventure cuts through the middle of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, offering unbelievable dry fly fishing for cutthroat, and streamer fishing for Bull Trout. 

DAYS 1-2
You will spend the first part of your trip traveling on horseback to get to the upper reaches of the river.

DAYS 3-7
The remaining 5 days of your trip will be enjoyed traveling down river on rafts, enjoying world class float fishing, meals, and comfortable backcountry accommodations.

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June 22 – 28
June 30 – July 6
July 9 – 15
July 17 – 23

July 25 – 31
August 2 – 8
August 10 – 16
August 18 – 24

We will take yOu to some of the deepest, mOst remote areas of the BOb.

Due to the South Fork’s wilderness isolation, the river and its tributaries remain lightly fished, and the result is that the quality of the fishery is as good now as it was many decades ago. Skilled anglers can catch of over 100 fish per rod on good days, but it is common for each boat to land 40+ native cuts a day. These Cutthroat Trout range in size, but there are many in the 12-18” range, and they love to rise to dry flies!

The South Fork is also one of the only places where an angler can catch the native Bull Trout. The South Fork Drainage is the largest stronghold of these native Char in the Lower 48 states. These big fish act like an anadromous species, migrating upstream every July from Hungry Horse Reservoir. Lucky anglers have brought Bull trout in excess of 30 inches to hand.

Legal fishing season for Bull Trout closes on July 31.


We offer many different lodge fishing experiences, from 3 night/2 day trips to 5 night/day adventures.  

Our Day Floats & wade fishing trips depart from the Lodge so anglers can do what they love most.  Float three different stretches of the South Fork or wade fish the stunningly beautiful Spotted Bear River.

We have 17 miles of the South Fork that we can float fish from our lodge.  We typically break this section of river into 2 separate days of float fishing.  The quality of  flyfishing along this section of river is top shelf.  

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The fishing is sure to excite and the scenery is sure to impress.