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As fall nears, the colors start to change, and the air turns crisp. This is when we offer backcountry elk hunts and carry out the season to hunting the high-country mule deer.



Unparalleled wilderness elk hunting experience out of our base camp near the head of the Spotted Bear River.

It is a 15-mile ride to get to our base camp. This is some of the most remote, wild country in the lower 48. Our hunting territory runs through the continental divide and borders the Sun River Game Preserve. This country produces some large public land bulls. We have a great advantage in rifle hunting elk while they’re in early rut. The season begins September 15th, this is one of the few places that elk can be rifle hunted this early in the season.

This is a very demanding hunt which requires grit, determination, and strong horses and mules.

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Mule Deer

The South Fork of the Flathead has some of the biggest, mature mule deer in the west.

Because of the rough, unforgiving country, these bucks grow old and live in country that few hunters have the opportunity to access. We rely on our hardy mountain horses to help us gain elevation to great mule deer habitat.

This is an exclusive hunt, and our guides are experts in locating and pursuing these rare trophies.

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Mountain Lion

Mountain lion hunts utilizing well-trained Walker Hounds  

The Mountain Lion season in Montana starts on December 1st and we hunt based out of our lodge.  We typically book 10-day hunts for Mountain Lion because we want to ensure the right snow conditions for a successful hunt. Throughout the hunt – we utilize snowmobiles, horses, and vehicles to find fresh tracks. We have a very experienced houndsman with great hounds.

The success rate on our Mountain Lion hunts is very high.

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Black Bear

5-day Spring Black Bear Hunts  

We hunt Black Bears as they are emerging from their dens in the spring. The bears this time of the year are keyed into the fresh green grass and glacier lilies. We focus on hunting avalanche slides and gated roads.

We have had a very high success rate hunting spring bear. Our area offers all color phases, providing very unique trophies for our clients.

5-day Fall Black Bear Hunts

We book a limited number of fall black bear hunts from September 15th to the end of general rifle season. Contact the lodge for more information on fall black bear hunts.

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